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The Song Sung Blue

Song Sung Blue
"Song sung blue, everyone should know  sung blue, every garden grows one."- Neil Diamond
Apparently, everybody likes along with blue, too. According to one poll, blue was the clear favorite from six colors, scoring a complete 8% in excess of the next hottest, green.
It's a silly day whenever we don't experience something blue, whether or not it's the sky, a physique of water, or possibly a song sung blue... all things considered, everyone should know one.
Even Maggie, you'll recall by myself lady in red, is extremely much 'blue' as outlined by personality analytic tools such 'True Colors'. 'Personality Dimensions', another intriguing, notable and astonishingly accurate character profiling system describes the 'Blue' traits that way:
* authentic blue people-oriented
* relates well to others
* is really a favorable impression
* produces a cohesive environment
* enthusiastic and stimulating
* responsive to the needs of others
* supportive, empathetic, inspirational
* expressive and animated
* seeks and appreciates harmony
* ethical, honest, and sincere
* concerned for others
* optimistic
That's my Maggie; the suggestions above, and then some!
Contrast this with my very own 'green' traits which display a substantial preference being more aloof and introspective and you may wonder the way you even get on. Then again, Personality Dimension demonstrates that blues are extremely much interested in greens and or viceversa.
Maybe there is something to that 'opposites attract' saying in fact. One study demonstrates that we don't necessarily search out the opposite around we look with the complementary - the items present in your partner that we feel will complete ourselves.
We'll deal more together with the fascinating topic of relationships in another article series. I will be serious about discovering if many people seek compatibility vs. completeness.
Peace I Give You
As stated previously, blue is usually a universally popular color. The tradition of an bride wearing something blue shows along with as a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. Dark blue exudes trust, confidence, intelligence and unity, making it large of police uniforms and corporate executive 'power suits'.
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When giving blue flowers including an iris or hydrangea, the blue star anemone and commelina or blue delphinium, you're really supplying the recipient a refreshing break from an anxious and often hostile world. Blue floral arrangements possess a calming and tranquil effect unmatched by some other color.
Wearing blue gemstones like Aquamarine, Blue Fluorite, and Blue Topaz have been demonstrated to awaken intuition and ease loneliness. Earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets and necklaces work best choices for wearing jewelry when they allow the vibrations on the stones to figure more closely using the body's natural pulse points. In in this way, the gemstones truly become therapeutic.
Care has to be taken to balance colour blue. Yes, blue is along with of happiness (see "Blue Skies" lyrics) as well as heaven itself (see "My Blue Heaven" lyrics). Too much blue might cause a person to become self-centered, melancholy, over-reactive and arrogant. On the other hand, too little blue might cause one to become timid, clinging, dependent and struggling to express oneself.
Once In A Blue Moon
* I should receive a blue ribbon (top prize) for looking this up.
* And it's nothing like this stuff came beyond the blue (unexpectedly)
* However, you have to know that I don't originate from Blueblood (privilege or noble ranking)
* It really is often a Blue Monday (rainy, dreary, depressing) as I write this.
* But you won't hear me singing the blues (complaining about my circumstances)
* That happens one time in a blue moon (second full moon in a very calendar month, indicating an infrequent event)
* The only bird which could see the colour blue may be the owl
* Productivity increases anybody work in blue rooms
* Want to attract double the mosquitoes? Wear something blue.
Blue Around the World
* Blue is colour of mourning in Mexico
* Mailboxes are blue within the U.S.
* Sacrifice is symbolized by the colour blue in Aztec culture
* You can reduce the chances of the Greek superstitious 'evil eye' by a blue pendant or bracelet.
Get more insights into colour blue by going to our website through the link inside our resource below.
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When you already know and use the shades that work right for you, I know you're gonna Love That Feeling!

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